Commercial property

DFE rents out commercial premises, entire floors and properties, retail premises and more in Copenhagen and the surrounding area. We want satisfied tenants, which is why we always go to great lengths to tailor the leases to your needs and desires. We also run, where you can rent a fixed office space with everything included in the low, fixed monthly rent.

Commercial property at DFE

DFE has a broad portfolio of exciting and unique commercial property for rent in existing buildings and in new developments. This type of property is tailor-made to meet your requirements and budget.
We work with the entire process relating to the individual property. This covers everything from concept development and project management to the actual build and daily dialogue with tenants and other partners.

See an overview of vacant commercial properties here

We are always open to talk about opportunities, new ideas and to do our best to accommodate your specific needs and requirements.

Contact Kasper Bryld,, for further information.