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Rejsegilde i Valby, Snedkerhuset

Vi takker for et hyggeligt rejsegilde i Valby den 10. september 2020. Vores seneste byggeri af blok C2, Snedkerhuset, er i fuld gang, og vi glæder os til det står færdigt i løbet af 2021.

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Byggeri af 125 nye boliger i gang

Vi har i sommeren 2020 påbegyndt byggeriet af 125 nye boliger under navnet Snedkerhuset. Byggeriet er en del af Valby Maskinfabrik. Læs mere om Snedkerhuset her.

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Salg af Pakkerihuset / Allé Huset II

Vi har pr. 1. juli 2020 solgt Pakkerihuset / Allé Huset II i Valby Maskinfabrik. Ejendommen består af 61 boliger og 2 erhvervslejemål, som bl.a. er udlejet til Netto. Vi har solgt ejendommen til COBO IX Holding ApS som selskabshandel.

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Sale of Rentemestervej 78

Per July 1 2020, DFE has sold the property on Rentemestervej 78 to Ejendomsselskabet Rentemestervej ApS. There are 16 apartments in the property.

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Handling of the corona virus (COVID-19)

DFE takes the current situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously and naturally takes the necessary actions according to the authorities.

Our office hotels are open as usual. We have added extra cleaning and encourage all tenants to follow government regulations. Many people choose to work from home. We have had a fire in a private office in Valby, which is why we encourage you to remove the plugs from your appliances in your private offices before going home.

If you have any questions about our handling of the situation, you can call us at +45 39 29 56 56 within normal business hours or send us an email at

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Sale of remaining owner-occupied flats in Kvistgård

As per 1 February 2020, we have sold the 35 remaining owner-occupied flats on Lergravsvej in Kvistgård to FORE Kvistgårdhusene ApS. Future administration will be handled by Bjørnsholm Real Estate Administration.

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