This page gives you an overview of our parking facilities. These include parking spaces off and on-street. Click on the individual projects to see our parking facilities available for rent.
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Parking, Valby Have

Poul Reichhardts Vej 2500 Valby
Poul Reichhardts Vej, 2500 Valby

We offer fixed parking spaces in a bright parking garage on Poul Reichhardts Vej in Valby. The parking spaces can be rented by both private and business on a monthly basis.

Parking, Valby Maskinfabrik

Valby Maskinfabrik 2500 Valby
Valby Maskinfabrik, 2500 Valby

We offer parking spaces on ground as well as in a new underground parking facility on the site "Valby Maskinfabrik". The parking spaces can be rented by residential- and commercial leasers on hourly or monthly basis.

Parking, Nimbusparken

Nimbusparken 2000 Frederiksberg
Nimbusparken, 2000 Frederiksberg

We offer 258 parking spaces on ground and 142 spaces in basement parking at "Nimbusparken", Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. The basement parking is monitored.

Parkering, Amagerbrogade

Amagerbrogade 245 2300 København S
Amagerbrogade 245, 2300 København S

Vi tilbyder fast p-plads på mindre p-anlæg på terræn på Amagerbrogade. P-pladserne kan lejes af både private og erhverv på månedsbasis.

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